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      Two leaf Roots blower

      The series of products using high precision, high hardness of the synchronous gear, not only the use of fan life is extended to effectively reduce the noise. The series of products using Japan or Germany imported bearings, imported from South Korea or Taiwan, China's rubber belt, so that more reliable product quality. The series of products output air cleaning does not contain any oil and dust, fan seal structure is reasonable, so that oil can not enter the chassis.
      1, the impeller with a new curve trajectory, by optimizing the design, the total thermal efficiency and volumetric efficiency to further improve the air volume and pressure particularly good;
      2, the box into the exhaust shield shield with helix-type cut into the way, and the top of the rotor to form a triangle into the air outlet, through the rotation of the rotor to open the system to make more balanced operation, so that the fan vibration and noise reduction ;
      3, the use of the bearing, gear oil mixed with the internal structure of the box design, so that no cavity in the working chamber, which can get clean gas, do not produce oil smoke caused by air pollution;
      4, compact structure, due to the selection of a special bearing and oil seal, improve the service life, and maintenance management is also convenient;
      5, impeller and shaft for the split pressure structure, and the impeller between the tiny gap without collision, fan performance lasting, long-term continuous operation.
      Working principle
      Roots blower for the volumetric fan, the volume of air flow and the number of revolutions, three-leaf impeller once every rotation has two impellers for 3 times suction, exhaust, compared with the two-leaf type, gas pulsation less load changes Small, high mechanical strength, low noise, vibration is also small.
      There are two impellers on the two parallel axes. The gap between the impeller and the oval box and the impeller is always kept between the three, and the impeller is surrounded by the rotor and the impeller. And a predetermined amount of gas is conveyed from the sucked side to the excluded side.
      The old Roots blower, regardless of the two-leaf type, the three-leaf type, the compression principle is: the rotor tip to the exhaust line to open the moment, the outlet of the high-pressure air flow and compression within the chassis, Compression produces violent pressure changes that make the noise of the fan. The fan studied the spiral shape to eliminate this factor.
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