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      Welcome [ Wuxi Beirun Blower Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ] official website!

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      Production process
      Customer request → contract review → signing → design and development → outsourcing materials and parts → cutting, welding, casting → Finishing → speeding test → fan test → packaging → storage → delivery customer → after-sales service

      Production and processing standards
      In accordance with the requirements of ISO9001: 2000 quality management system, the Company has formulated a number of quality management documents such as "quality manual", "procedure document", "finished product inspection standard", "equipment operation specification" and "assembly operation instruction book" Production in strict accordance with the provisions of the implementation of the document. At the same time the company also has a "purchase inspection records", "production process process card", "finished product inspection records", "non-compliance handling notice" and other quality control record form, the entire production monitoring.

      Quality Commitment
      Quality is the root, the credibility of this, a hundred years of planning, quality first We are the company's production and sales of products to make the following quality commitment:
      First, all manufactured products meet user contracts and national (or industry) standards.
      Second, outsourcing materials are qualified to test a single, acceptance of single, and in line with national standards.
      Third, the purchased parts must meet the product design requirements, and are qualified products for the supplier.
      Fourth, the factory parts and components must meet the product design requirements, each product must first seized, self-test, special inspection, confirmed qualified, into the next process or storage.
      5, finished or semi-finished products in full compliance with the design requirements, and quality tracking control records, there are quality problems, well documented, evidence can be corrected, not qualified products are not allowed to factory.

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