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      Roots blower (Meltblown cloth fan)

      Product description
      Roots blower is a volumetric fan, impeller end, fan front and rear cover. Principle is the use of two leaf-shaped rotor in the cylinder for relative movement to compress and transport the gas rotary compressor. This blower is simple in structure, easy to manufacture, widely used in aquaculture aerobics, sewage treatment aeration, cement transport, more suitable for low pressure occasions, gas transmission and pressurization system can also be used as a vacuum pump.
      working principle
      Roots blower is a kind of volumetric fan, there are two three-leaf impeller in the chassis and wall board by the relative rotation of the space, because each impeller is used involute, or the outer cycloid Line, the three leaves of each impeller is exactly the same, while the two impellers are exactly the same, thus greatly reducing the difficulty of processing. Impeller in the processing of the use of CNC equipment to ensure that the two impellers in the center from the same circumstances, regardless of the two impellers rotate to what position, can maintain a certain minimum gap, so as to ensure that the gas leakage within the allowable range.
      The impeller and the impeller, the impeller and the chassis, the gap between the impeller and the wall is very small, so that the air inlet to form a vacuum state, the air under the action of atmospheric pressure into the intake chamber, and then, Each of the two blades of the impeller and the wallboard, the cabinet constitutes a sealed chamber, the air into the air chamber during the rotation of the impeller, the two leaves formed by the sealed cavity continuously into the exhaust chamber, The impeller in the air chamber is intermeshing, so that the air between the two leaves squeezed out, so continuous non-stop operation, the air is continuously from the air inlet to the outlet, which is the Roots blower The whole process of work.
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