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      Roots blower in the aquaculture industry

      I produced the Roots blower is to learn from the domestic and foreign design of advanced experience, to optimize their own design, the product through the impeller on the use of new lines, so that further enhance the efficiency of the volume, with small size, large flow, low noise, Efficient energy-saving, smooth operation of the characteristics of the following Xiaobian to introduce you under the Wuxi Roots blower in the aquaculture industry applications:
      First, nursery facilities
      China's shrimp nursery pond nursery pond is generally made of glass fiber rectangular tank or cement pond, the volume of 10 to 15 cubic meters. Seedling water must be 2 to 4 times the filter, monocytosis culture water treatment more stringent. Diesel boilers or coal boilers, with hot water circulation. Roots blower with inflatable.
      Second, the kind of shrimp cultivation
      Selection of healthy and no damage, weighing 50 to 60 grams of shrimp, male and female ratio of 1 to 1: 1 into the indoor sink storage stocking density of 4 to 5 tail / square meter, water temperature 26 to 27 ℃ salinity of 33 ~ 35, the daily storage pool for about 50% of the water, and inflated, storage pool covered with a black shading network, the pool light is less than 100 lux. Feeding fresh oysters, squid, frozen silkworm and other erbium material, Shrimp weight of about 10%.
      Third, artificial ripening and fine pod transplantation
      Male and female shrimp gonads are fully mature, mating. Mating, the male shrimp excretion of fine pods in the female shrimp chest between the first 3 to 4 pairs of foot (satisfied seminal vesicle position), mating after a few hours, female shrimp began to lay eggs , Sperm at the same time release sperm, in the water to complete fertilization.
      Most of the way to take the kind of shrimp let the natural mating way, and then select the mating of the female shrimp, into the incubation tank or cement pool spawning hatching.In this way, although the mass production of shrimp, but need more shrimp. In South and Central America, Penaeus vannamei also adopted artificial ripening, sperm artificial transplant technology for artificial breeding, the effect is also better.Technical techniques are as follows: from the natural sea area collected shrimp, after a period of time to keep, to be fully adapted to the pool environment In the future, that is, artificial crowded eye operations, the first species of fish will be caught into the inflatable black barrels, and then the male and female shrimp are squeezed to the right eye, the operation should be carried out in the water and then the eye of the shrimp back to the original pool Continue to cultivate .After a period of time holding, to the eye of the species of shrimp will be mature, this time artificial transplanting sperm. South American white shrimp open type of seminal vesicle in the first 3 to 4 pairs of foot between the sexual maturity of the male shrimp , The seminal vesicle was milky white. Artificial transplantation of fine pods, to be selected high maturity of the male shrimp, in its fifth step foot to the thumb several times to push, fine pod that is, and then the pods attached to the female shrimp And carefully put the female shrimp into a small black barrel , Until spawning, fertilization. Barrel inflatable small amount to prevent Spermatophore off. Use shading black shading net on the barrel. Welcome to buy my company's Roots blower.

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