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      W9-26 centrifugal fan

      W9-26 high temperature centrifugal fan for conveying non-corrosive, non-spontaneous combustion, the maximum temperature does not exceed 700 ℃ high temperature gas, the media contains dust and hard particles not more than 150mg / m³. W9-26 type No 12.5C, 12.5D, 12.5F fan is mainly used for conveying temperature of 250 ~ 400 ℃, dust content of less than 150mg / m³ of high temperature gas.
      W9-26 high temperature centrifugal fan structure
      The fan consists of impeller, chassis, air inlet, drive group and other components, and with the adjustment door.
      1, impeller, the impeller has 12 forward curved leaves, impeller molding after the movement, static balance and speeding test to ensure smooth operation, safe and reliable.
      2, the air inlet, the convergence of the overall structure of the streamlined, with bolts connected to the front cover group.
      3, the chassis, made of low-alloy steel plate body
      4, the drive group, by the spindle, water-cooled bearing box, coupling and other components, the spindle using high-quality alloy steel, bearing box for the overall water-cooled structure.
      W9-26 high temperature centrifugal fan form
      1, the series of fans for the single-inhaled, there are 5,8,12.5 and other three models, the fan drive the way: C, D, F-type three.
      2, the series fan can be made in the right and left two forms, from the motor side of the face, the clockwise rotation of the clockwise rotation called the right to rotate the fan to "right"; by counterclockwise rotation called left rotary fan, Left ".
      3, the fan outlet position to the chassis export point of view, "left", "right" can be made 0 °, 45 °, 90 °, 135 °, 180 °, 225 ° a total of six angles.
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