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      W4-72 centrifugal fan

      W4-72 high temperature centrifugal fan for non-spontaneous combustion, non-corrosive, the maximum temperature does not exceed 700 ℃ high temperature gas, if the gas dust is large, should be in the fan before the outlet dust removal efficiency of not less than 85 % Of the dust removal device to improve the service life of the fan.
      W4-72 type high temperature centrifugal fan type
      1, the fan for a single suction intake, machine number from 6.3 to 20
      2, the fan rotation in the form of clockwise rotation (right), the outlet position of 0 °, 90 °, 180 °.
      3, the fan for the B, C, D-type drive, that is, motor and fan through the coupling or pulley direct drive.
      Structural Characteristics of W4-72 High Temperature Centrifugal Ventilator
      Impeller: made of heat-resistant stainless steel, impeller molding, the static and dynamic balance correction and speeding experiments. In the case of
      Case: made of high quality alloy steel plate spiral type. For the use of less than 400 ℃ temperature of the fan, the chassis can also be used high-quality alloy steel or heat-resistant steel directly welded together.
      Transmission group: the main shaft, water-cooled bearing box, cooling device.
      Bracket group: 6D 8D fan, the use of the overall support, shock absorption performance, easy installation.
      Performance and Selection of W4-72 High Temperature Centrifugal Fan
      High-temperature fan performance refers to the fan flow, full pressure, spindle speed, power and other parameters. And there is a certain relationship between the parameters, when changing the density of the transmission gas, the fan spindle speed, atmospheric pressure and the temperature of the transmission gas, the fan performance will change.
      Fan performance refers to the performance of the fan at high temperatures, regardless of technical documents or supply requirements (except for special orders) are high temperature conditions of the fan performance prevail.
      (1) the use of units can be used according to the flow and full pressure, performance selection of high temperature fan machine number, speed and with the motor.
      (2) performance and optional table in the performance of each speed is the highest efficiency of 90% of the performance range by performance is divided into 7 to 8 performance points.
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