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      6-51 Centrifugal fan

      Product description
      6-51 boiler boiler through fan, suitable for thermal power plant 2-670t / h steam boiler air supply system, but also to meet the requirements of the high pressure head of the boiler bed boiler, the series of fans can also be used for dust, Mine ventilation and general ventilation systems. The blower is transported as a general air, and the air blower conveys the flue gas or the gas containing the impurity particles. Containing impurity concentration less than 200mg / cubic meter can be used more than 4 years. Such as impurities can also be used, but the service life will be shortened. The maximum operating temperature of the draft fan shall not exceed 250 ° C.
      Fan type
      1, ventilator and induced draft mechanism into a single inhalation, each have № 8 ~ 29.5 a total of 20 machine number.
      2, from the motor side of the face, the impeller clockwise rotation called the right cyclone to "right" that; impeller counterclockwise rotation called the left fan, with "left" said.
      3, the fan out of the mouth position to the chassis of the outlet point of view.
      4, the fan drive mode for the D-type, are used flexible coupling drive.
      5, the product name for example: G6-51 № 18D right 90 ° Y6-51 № 18D left 0 °
      The structure of the fan
      1, the series of fans with high-strength wear-resistant impeller, anti-oil bearing boxes and other advanced technology to turn the results.
      2, high-strength wear-resistant impeller. Impeller to the veneer blade to reduce the impact of airflow, good stability, the motor is not easy to overload, greatly extending the fan life. The type of fan pressure coefficient is high, the cycle rate is low, the noise is small, so the practicality is good.
      3, oil leakage bearing box. The use of lap type oil ring will be high-speed rotation of the bearing with the oil thrown to the inner wall of the bearing tank back to the oil tank, side cover outside the pressure of packing a small amount of oil can be blocked, the upper part of the bearing box with a vent plug Bearing the micro-positive pressure to ensure that no oil, dust effect is good.
      4, the fan for the cantilever structure, easy to arrange, direct drive motor, uniform transmission torque, reduce the vibration of the fan to run reliable.
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