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      5-48 Centrifugal fan

      5-48 Centrifugal Fan Use
      The 5-48 Centrifugal Ventilator is suitable for the dust removal system in the rice processing industry. It can also be used as an indoor ventilation for the general factory and large buildings. It is air and other non-spontaneous, harmless to the human body. Non-corrosive gas. Gas does not allow a sticky material, containing dust and hard particles is not greater than 150mg m3. The gas temperature should not exceed 80 ° C.
      5-48 type centrifugal fan form
      The fan has a single suction and double suction two. From small to large arranged by the machine number: № 4,4.5,5,5.6,6.3,7.1,8,9,10,11.2,12.5,14,16,17,18,20,21,22,23, 24 a total of 20 machine number. Can be made into the left and right type two, the outlet angle is about 0 °, 45 °, 90 °, 135 ° 180 °, 225 ° six angles.
      Maintenance of large fans
      (1) impeller
      a. In its early operation, should always check whether it is installed firmly, whether there are wear and tear, etc., there is whether it is fouling, if dust should be promptly removed.
      b. Leaves 5-48 fan _5-48 type centrifugal fan _5-48 type blower wheel, which is to keep clean and clean, it is not rusty, if it should be dealt with in a timely manner.
      c. When the impeller is repaired, it should be subjected to a dynamic balancing test to ensure its balance performance.
      (2) housing and intake chamber
      Mainly to check whether it is fouling, abnormal wear, etc., there is fastening bolts are fastened.
      (3) Spindle and coupling
      The spindle should be clean, so to regularly ash, etc., to prevent corrosion and so on. Coupling is the same, in addition to pay attention to whether the connection is tight.
      (4) 5-48 fan, 5-48 centrifugal fan, 5-48 blower bearings
      a. 5-48 fan, 5-48 centrifugal fan, 5-48 blower is mainly bearing lubrication and oil supply is good, whether there is oil leakage and other issues, if the problem should be dealt with in a timely manner.
      b. The lubricating oil used on the bearing should be replaced regularly and must be of good quality.
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