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      4-68 Centrifugal fan

      1, use
      The 4-68 Centrifugal Ventilator can be used for indoor ventilation in general plants and large buildings. Can be used to enter the gas can also be used to output gas. The gas to be delivered should be air that does not exceed 80 ° C and other non-spontaneous, non-corrosive gases that are harmless to the human body. Gas is not allowed to contain viscous substances, containing dust and hard particles not more than 150mg / m2.
      2, form
      From the motor side of the face, the impeller clockwise rotation, known as the right cyclone to "right" said; impeller counterclockwise rotation, said the left whirlwind fan to "left" said.
      The outlet position of the fan is expressed in terms of the outlet angle of the enclosure. Machine No. 2.8 ~ 6.3 are made in the form of a factory, the use of units according to the requirements, and then installed into the required outlet position, the order does not need to specify; machine No. 8 ~ 12.5 outlet position adjustment range of 0 ° ~ 22.5 °, the interval is 45 °; machine No. 16,20 of the outlet made of 0 °, 90 °, 225 °, three fixed position, can not be adjusted, when ordering need to specify.
      Fan transmission mode A, B, C, D four. No.2.8 ~ 5 using A-type drive, No.3.3 ~ 12.5 using C, D-type drive, No16, 20 with D-type drive.
      3, structural characteristics
      No. 4-8 fan No. 4-8 is mainly composed of impeller, housing, air inlet and other parts with straight motor, No6.3 ~ 20 in addition to the above part of the transmission part.
      (1) Impeller by 12 rear wing wings welded to the curved wheel cover and flat plate in the middle of the wheel, are made of steel, and after static and dynamic balance correction, air performance is good, high efficiency, smooth operation.
      (2) The casing is made of ordinary steel plate welded by the scroll body. The chassis is made in two different forms. No.2.8 ~ 12.5 chassis made of the whole, can not be opened. No 16,20 of the chassis made of two open, along the sub-level is divided into two halves, with bolts.
      (3) into the air inlet made of convergent paralysis line overall structure, installed in the fan side, parallel to the axial section of the curve shape, can make the gas smoothly into the impeller, and the loss is small.
      (4) transmission part of the spindle, bearing box, wave bearing, pulley or coupling components.
      Performance and Options Table

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